01 May 2014

Ulysses Readalong Start-up Questionnaire

I am currently equal parts excited and horrified that it's time to start our readalong of Ulysses!  And they have nothing to do with the book!  Where has time gone?

Oh, well!  Quick recap:
Emily from Reading While Female and I are hosting a super laid-back readalong of Ulysses.  We decided the tagline for the event should be No!  There are no sign-up posts.  No mandatory check-ins.  No prizes.  Just reading this book for whatever reason and knowing that other people are reading it at the same time as you.  Each week Emily or I will post an optional discussion question.  If you want to participate in all of the posts, some of the posts, or none of the posts, that is your choice.  We'll have a linky within our posts so you can link your response to it or you can just post a comment to the post.

Today we have an optional start-up questionnaire.  Just for fun.  So we can see who all is participating.


  • Introduce yourself.  My name is Lori.  I am just finishing up my second master's degree and I'm really not sure what I am doing next yet.  I am from Oklahoma.  I like baseball, cooking, and reading.
  • Have you read Ulysses before? Any other Joyce? Any attempts?  I have not read Ulysses before.  I signed up and immediately failed at a readalong of it this past winter.  I read a few stories from Dubliners in this awful lit class as an undergrad (sucky professors can really ruin a good reading list!), but that's it.
  • Are you feeling nauseous?  Oh, my goodness, yes!
  • Why are you doing this?  At the moment I'm not quite sure.  Seems like a crazy idea.  Previously, though, I wanted to read this book because it is such a big part of our culture and you see references to it all over the place.  Also, it is a big monster of a book and I would like to conquer it.
  • Are you planning to use any guides or resources?  Yes, but I don't remember what they are at the moment...
  • Do you have a reading strategy? Are you sticking to a schedule?  My strategy is to just go for it.  Maybe with a bottle of something strong by my side, along with the guides.  Probably lots of pens, highlighters, and post-its because I am sure I will have questions.  And I imagine having a computer nearby so I can Google things.  I would like to do the three episodes a week so I can finish on Bloomsday, but just finishing at all seems like the main goal right now.
  • What are you most excited about?  I feel like having read Ulysses is a club of really smart and fun people and I want to join that club.
  • What are you most scared of?  I am most afraid that it will be woefully over my head.  I haven't read anything particularly difficult in a while, so I think this will be quite challenging.
  • If this is your first time, what is your impression of the novel going into it?  It's going to be really hard, but really beautiful (at parts) and really worth it.
  • Have you read The Odyssey or seen O Brother, Where Art Thou? before?  I have not read The Odyssey--I struck out at that one.  I did read The Song of Achilles and really enjoyed that.  I have seen O Brother, Where Art Thou?  I love that movie!  I hope the book is kind of like that...


  1. Hi there I would like to tell you some thing That happened to me today on facebook about The Sirens in Uylsses book.
    I put a picture up of the Sirens on facebook (I love the ladies so powerful) and somebody reported the picture and I got warned to take it down or my account would be suspended and someone from my friend list did that. Crazy how people think history is offensive.

  2. http://adammstone.wordpress.com/2014/05/07/ulysses-read-along-start-up-questionnaire/