06 January 2014

Classics Club Readathon End Post

I am a couple of days late in getting this post up.  Oh well.

  1. What book(s) did you read during the event?  I read The Thorn Birds.
  2. What book(s) did you finish?  I didn't actually finish.  But I read about 350 pages, which for me is really good.
  3. What did you like about our event?  I like how I didn't put a lot of pressure on myself.  I wasn't distracted.  I just read.
  4. Do you have suggestions for future Readathons through The Classics Club?  Have more of them!  Kidding (sort of).  I really like how it was low-key.  I didn't feel super pressured to do anything but read.
  5. Would you participate in future Readathons?  Absolutely!
  6. Anything else you’d like to share? (Favorite quote from your reading? Funny anecdote from the event?)  It was a nice relaxing day of reading.  What more could I ask for?  :)

Update on my book--I loved The Thorn BIrds...for the first few hundred pages.  Now that I am in the last two parts of the novel, which focus on Dane and Justine, I just don't care.  It feels like the plot is dragging out.  There are a couple of threads that need to be resolved, but she's taking her sweet time in getting there--which is pissing me off.  It's a saga; I know it's supposed to describe a lifetime and that some things take a lifetime to get resolved, but...cut to the chase!  Plus Justine is just really abrasive and I don't like her one bit, so I have a hard time wanting to read about her.  (When I wrote that sentence, I kept using "It" instead of "Her," which is interesting because when she was a baby her mom didn't like her and thought she was really ugly and unpleasant [which she totally was and remains so] and kept calling her an it)  I have about 120 pages left, so I'm going to finish the thing, but I don't think I'm going to love it as much as my mom and grandma did (which kind of makes me feel really super bad).


  1. Don't feel bad if you don't end up loving it as much. They are entirely different readers and you liked enough of it to understand why they loved it.

    1. It took until the end, but I liked it quite a lot. The beauty of the last paragraph did it for me. I am glad that I finally read this one.