08 November 2012

Days 7 and 8

You'd think I'd have an easier time getting the numbering for my posts correct because it corresponds with the date.  Alas, no.  I ultimately check and double-check my phone.  What else do I routinely forget?  To label this post as part of 30 Days of Thanksgiving.

So...what am I thankful for yesterday and today?  Easy!

Yesterday was easy.  Super, super easy.  Yesterday I was thankful for Zach getting his comps results!  He passed!  He'll get his official letter today (apparently all the graduate coordinator has had to do for the past two weeks is sign a freaking letter; but I wouldn't have been able to be thankful for it if it had happened two weeks ago).  But he was told yesterday that he passed!  He has to schedule his oral exams sometime soon.  And then all he has to do is his dissertation.  (I find it totally sexy that he's passed comps.  Of course, I'm proud of his accomplishment, but I find it sexy too.  Whatever.  None of my ex-boyfriends were very smart.  Or ambitious.  Oh well.)  We went to our favorite restaurant to celebrate, then met a few friends down at the bar to celebrate some more.  We were going to stay up really late and start Thursday with Champagne Thursday, but we both got tired and went to bed.  Maybe we can end Thursday with Champagne Thursday.  Maybe I will end Thursday with Champagne Thursday...

Today I am thankful for The Well-Educated Mind.  I love that book.  I am almost finished with the part about how to read fiction.  Then I'll tackle my reading list (which I am super excited about), which can be found on the Matchbook Magazine website.  Speaking of, I absolutely love this magazine!  It's really perfect for someone like me who is interested in classic chic things--clothes, decoration, culture.  All you need to know is that Holly Golightly is their role model.  That pretty much sums it up.  Back to the book, I am really excited about the reading journal idea that it proposes.  I don't know why I had never thought of doing it before, but I hadn't.  I am looking forward to trying it out.

Let's see...what all else has been going on...I bought a really cute watch from Amazon.  It only cost $30.  It's coming today.  Even after paying for the one-day shipping, it still costs less than the site I originally saw it on, where it was touted as a steal and was also out of stock.  I have been working on my assignments to get those things turned in early so I can hurry up and end this semester.  I found that reading list and am in love.  I've even thought of a few books that should be added to round things out.  What I love most about the list is the tone of it.  They're books that someone like me (see:  description of Matchbook Magazine girl above) would really like.  I know this because I've already read several on the list and will happily reread them.  That's about it.


  1. Again, WOOHOO! Congrats Zach!!!

  2. I love this 30 Days of Thanksgiving celebration you're doing. It's nice to be reminded of the little things that can make you happy.
    Also- congrats to Zach! (and no need to feel weird, a smart man is sexy, without a doubt).

  3. Wow, that magazine is perfect for you!